In 2016 I saw my first Onewheel video on YouTube and immediately became obsessed… I had to have one. 

As a snowboarder and surfer, the concept of replicating the feeling of being in deep powder, or on a perfect wave, anywhere, anytime, was not to be believed.  One month later I purchased one for myself and subsequently had my mind blown by the experience — I was hooked.

I noticed everywhere I rode, I got so much attention and interest in what this “thing” was, how it worked, and where they could try it themselves that I decided to bring the experience to as many people as possible.  So, in 2017, I made the decision to found San Diego Onewheel Rentals. 

Since then the response and support has been beyond amazing. I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce people to a new sport, experience, and a feeling they can’t get anywhere else. 

We are also proud to provide current Onewheel owners a chance to ride with friends, or those wanting to “try before they buy” the opportunity to do so before making the investment. 

Our goal at SDOR is to provide a place for people who are curious about the sport to explore it in an easy, safe, and affordable way.

This revolutionary new form of transportation is here to stay and I’m thrilled to be a part of the movement and a representative of all it has to offer.

Jesse Currie – Owner