Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store location?

We have no physical store location, our rentals are by appointment only. You have the option to either meet at Mission Bay Park for your lesson, or we offer delivery and pickup to your location for a flat $30 fee (this is half the price of an Uber!)

Do you offer Onewheel Pints and XRs as well as pluses?

Currently, we offer Onewheel pluses only, XR and Pint board models will be available for rental soon!

How can I ride with others who don't want to rent or young kids?

For those who have friends or family members that don’t feel confident or are too young to rent a Onewheel but still want to come along, we recommend those people rent a scooter or bike using the apps such as Bird or lyft. The devices are all over town and the apps make it easy to find them and rent. 

Is the Onewheel hard to learn?
Although having some boardsport experience is helpful, it’s not necessary.  With proper instruction (we provide a free lesson), anyone can be up and riding in as little as 5 minutes.
Is it safe?

That depends on your definition of safe 🙂 Like any board sport (snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing), there are always inherent risks involved, and the Onewheel is no different.  However, most people feel much safer on a Onewheel wearing the proper protective gear (we include a free helmet) than most other board sports. This is because on the Onewheel, unlike a skateboard, you’re always in control.  If you want to slow down, just lean back and the board uses its regenerative braking system to immediately reduce your speed or stop you completely, even on large hills.  As long as you keep your speed and terrain within your ability and comfort level you should never have a problem.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, delivery is available for a flat fee of $30 as long as its withing a 20 mile radius of downtown San Diego.  This also inclues pickup once your rental is over at no additional cost. 

How fast does it go?

Onewheel can reach a top speed of 17mph depending on what mode you’re in, although we always recommend keeping it below its top speed for safety’s sake. Once you have reached the board’s top speed it will let you know with something called “pushback”, You will feel the front of the board raising up on its own, this is its way of telling you to slow down since it has reached its limit.

Whats the range on a single charge?
Onewheel is a marvel of modern engineering and gets a full 5-7 miles of range on a single charge and can be fully recharged in as little as 20 minutes with the included charger.
Is there a deposit?
Yes, a $150 deposit and picture ID are required to rent a board, we take Paypal, Venmo, or Squarecash as payment.  This deposit will be refunded to you as soon as the board is returned on time and with no major damage.
Does it have lights?
The board does have a built in headlight and taillight which will always stay on so you can be better seen day or night.
Can I lock it up?
Yes, and it should be locked up with the provided lock if you ever plan to leave it for any period of time, although it is recommended that you never let it out of your sight.  This is an expensive piece of equipment and is always at risk of being stolen.
How do I track battery life, speed, and what mode I'm currently in?
In order to track all functions of the Onewheel, you will need to download its companion app on your phone.  This will give you all pertinent information at all times and allow you to change modes if you like.
Does it have brakes?
Yes, breaking is a built in feature.  All you need to do is lean back and the board will slow itself down as well as charge the battery at the same time.
Whats the minimum age to ride?

The minimum age to ride is 15 years old with parental consent and liability waiver sign off.

Is safety gear provided?

Helmets are included with every rental at no cost.  Additional safety gear (knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards) is available for an additial fee of $10. 

Do you sell boards?

Currently we offer used board sales only.  You can inquire about current stock and availability at anytime.  We will offer new board sales in the near future!

Do I need to reserve a Onewheel in advance?

Ideally, you should reserve your Onewheel as far in advance as possible, especially for larger groups.  We do often have same day availability, but boards can be limited or unavailable during busy times. 

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