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Onewheel Pint San Diego

Written by Jesse C

Jesse is the proud owner of San Diego Onewheel Rentals, an athlete, and avid board sport enthusiast

March 13, 2019

Yesterday came an announcement by Future Motion of their newest board, the Onewheel Pint.

This was an interesting move by Future Motion and one that wasn’t a complete surprise considering the rise of other mini boards such as the Boosted Board mini.

It seems people are looking for a portable, more affordable option (currently the board is priced at $950) when it comes to mobility and Future Motion saw this, and capitalized. 

This smaller, cheaper option will most likely open up the market to a much larger audience who previously couldn’t afford a $1500 plus or $1800 XR.

The Pint has a top speed of 16 mph and a range of 6-8 miles, locking it in as a short-distance commuter electric rideable. The Onewheel Pint’s big added feature is definitely Simplestop, and it’s designed specifically to build rider confidence. By stepping back on the board once it’s rolled to a standstill, the Pint’s gyroscope deactivates, allowing you to safely dismount the rideable. This also prevents you from embarrassing yourself by suddenly losing balance, or flinging the Pint toward another rider or pedestrian.

 The heavier, larger, Onewheel XR fares well against the Pint, it has a range of 12-18 miles and a top speed of 19 mph. Honestly, I never thought the XR was too big so I don’t really see the need for the smaller size although the weight can sometimes be an issue.  The Pint comes in at 23lbs where the XR weighs in at 27lbs. 

 In my opinion the XR will still reign supreme against the Pint when it comes to acceleration, smooth riding, top speed, and off-road capabilities, and of course range.  I will just have to get my hands on one to find out!

 If you would like a detailed video comparing the two, this is the best video ive found: Pint vs XR


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