Onewheel Rental San Diego Guide (2023)

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Written by Jesse C

Jesse is the proud owner of San Diego Onewheel Rentals, an athlete, and avid board sport enthusiast

April 13, 2023

San Diego is by far one of the best places to rent and ride a Onewheel in the USA. With hundreds of miles of coastline to explore, bike paths galore, and year-round perfect weather, San Diego has it all, and there’s no better way to explore it than on a Onewheel electric hoverboard.

In this guide, I’ll go over the best model to rent between the Onewheel XR or Pint ( we now also offer GT and Pint X models) and the learning curve if you’ve never been on one before.  I’ll also go over the rental process, best places to ride around town, and the rules and regulations for riding in San Diego. Lets get to it!

What is a Onewheel Anyway?

Ricardo 清介 屋宜, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve never heard of a Onewheel before you’re in for a treat.  The Onewheel electric hoverboard (some say skateboard) is the closest you can get to what Marty Mcfly rode in Back to the Future.

It’s essentially an off-road capable self-balancing board that feels like a cross between snowboarding, surfing, and floating on air.  With its brushless hub motor, the board has a top speed of 19mph and the XR model has a range of between 12-18 miles on a single charge.

This revolutionary board sport and form of transportation is unlike anything else out there and will blow your mind in its design and ride experience.

Onewheel XR vs Pint

Onewheel XR next to Pint

For those who don’t know, there are currently two models of Onewheel on the market.  The Onewheel XR, and the Onewheel Pint.  Both models are versatile and excel in different aspects but there is one clear winner for rentals.

Onewheel XR Rental

This is the top of the line model Future Motion sells coming in at a price tag of $1799


  • Range: This board gets between 12-18 miles on a charge.  Recharge time is approximately 1.5 hours
  • Durability: Built with metal rails and wood decks, the XR is built like a tank
  • Speed: Top speed depends on the mode your in within the app but this board can max out with a top speed of 20mph
  • Stability: With a wider tire, the XR is very stable on most terrain and performs amazingly on off-road surfaces
  • Lighting: Bright headlights and tailings make it easy to be seen and light up your path


  • Weight: The XR is heavy to carry coming in at 27lbs so make sure you don’t run out of juice!
  • Acceleration: This model is a bit slower out of the gate depending on your shaping mode

Onewheel Pint Rental

This is Future Motion’s smaller and newest model with a price tag of $950


  • Size: Smaller size and less weight makes the Pint a bit easier to carry coming in at 23 lbs
  • Acceleration: Its powerful motor makes this board zippy with more torque right out of the gate


  • Less Stable: With a smaller tire than its big brother, the pint will be less stable on off-road surfaces and very responsive to weight shifts
  • Range: The pint gets between 6-8 miles of range on a charge which means shorter rides before needing to plug in.  A full charge takes about 1.5 hours
  • Speed: The Pint tops out at 15mph depending on the mode you’re in.  That’s plenty fast enough for most people
  • Lights: Although the Pint does have headlights and taillights, they arent as bright as the XR making it harder to be seen.


Both boards are impressive in their own ways and have pros and cons but for rental purposes the XR is the clear winner.

The wider tire makes this board easier to learn on initially if you lack experience and the extended range means you can ride longer without having to charge making it a great option for exploring San Diego.

At San Diego Onewheel Rentals we rent both the XR and Pint models if you are debating between which to buy.  We do recommend you learn on an XR before hopping on the Pint to see the difference. A lesson and comparison between models is included with every rental.

Is the Onewheel Hard to Learn?

Onewheel Lesson in Progress

The short answer is no. Folks with previous board sport experience (snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, etc) will have a slight advantage, however, no board sport experience is necessary to learn to ride.

Each rental comes with a free in-depth lesson which will get even the most uncoordinated people up and riding within 30 minutes. These boards look far more intimidating than they actually are.

Where to Ride

San Diego has so many options for great places to ride but we will list a few of our favorites here

Liberty Station Park and Downtown Waterfront

Miles of wide-open spaces, grass, bike paths, and trails along the water make this a great place to ride and get comfortable on the board.  There are also longer rides you can take staying on the bike path between liberty station and the waterfront downtown. This is the location we use for all our lessons unless you opt for delivery.

Balboa Park

World-famous Balboa Park has countless bike paths and trails to explore, as well as unique museums and hidden gems throughout the park.  This is a great place to take your board and discover every nook and cranny.

Coronado Island

My favorite route on the island is cruising the bike paths between Tidelands Park and the Ferry landing.  With beautiful views of the city skyline and plenty of places to stop and grab a bite, it makes for an amazing day.

Onewheel Rules and Regulations

With the onslaught of electric scooter Scooter app companies like Bird, Lime, and Spin leaving their scooters everywhere, the city of San Diego has restricted the use of electric devices in a few areas around town and this includes Onewheels. Read our full electric scooter guide here.

Pacific Beach and Mission Beach Boardwalks Ban

Anything with and a motor is off-limits on the boardwalks only in Pacific and Mission Beaches.  However, the bike lanes and bike paths just off the beach are still fair game and you can legally ride there.

La Jolla Shores Boardwalk Ban

There is a tiny boardwalk right in front of the beach at La Jolla Shores that is also off-limits but again, all bike paths just off the boardwalk are still fine to ride on.

West Side of Mission Bay Park Ban

The bike path that goes along the west side of Mission Bay Park is also off-limits to electric rideables, however, the east side of the bay is still fine to ride.

As you can see, there are only a few small areas of town that have restricted riding, other than that, the city is your oyster!
Electric Device Restrictions around San Diego

Are Helmets Required?

Helmets are not a legal requirement for anyone over the age of 18 in California. However, they are a requirement of San Diego Onewheel Rentals and will be included with every rental.

Onewheel Rental Process

Onewheel Rental Ride

Renting a Onewheel XR or Pint from us is easy and we make the process as streamlined as possible.

  1. Click the Book Now button on the website
  2. Choose your date and time
  3. Fill out your info and answer the reservation questions
  4. Choose delivery or our lesson location at Liberty Station Park
  5. Confirm and you’re done!

All rentals come with a free lesson, helmet, backpack, charger, and safety gear.

Electric Scooters are also available for those in a group who may not be old enough (minimum age 14) or comfortable on a Onewheel.


There are a lot of ways to get around San Diego but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING like the experience you will get on a Onewheel. So whether you’re in town visiting, a local, or someone who wants to try before they buy we’ve got you covered. Feel free to call or message us with questions or concerns, were available 7 days a week!


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